Archived Funds - MGE, MGG & FPAY

8 December 2020 - Magellan Global Funds Restructure

On 8 December 2020, Magellan Asset Management Limited completed a restructure of three of its global equities funds that combined the Magellan Global Equities Fund (MGE) and the Magellan Global Trust (MGG) with the Magellan Global Fund. MGE and MGG were acquired by the Magellan Global Fund by way of two trust schemes and are no longer available to investors. 

20 July 2022 - Magellan FuturePay Closure Date

Magellan Asset Management Limited ACN 120 593 946 (Magellan), in its capacity as Responsible Entity for Magellan FuturePay (FuturePay), has resolved to terminate FuturePay (Closure) and return to investors their capital in the fund. The Closure took effect on Wednesday, 20 July 2022 (Closure Date). 

This page includes historical information only for MGE, MGG and FuturePay.

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