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Welcome to the Shareholder Centre for Magellan Financial Group Limited (Company), which is listed on the ASX under the code MFG


  • Video Insights May 2020

    Magellan Minutes

    This series is designed to provide you with concise, relevant and digestible talking points on global markets, each in around 10 minutes.  

  • Video Insights May 2020

    'Magellan Unplugged' Live Webinar

    Emma Kirk, Key Account Manager speaks to Magellan’s Head of Infrastructure, Gerald Stack, and Chris Wheldon, Portfolio Manager of the High Conviction Global Strategy. Gerald and Chris reflect on recent market events, answer live questions, and help investors navigate the unpredictable economic headwinds that we’re all facing. (Viewing time: 47 min)

  • Video Insights May 2020

    High Conviction Strategy Update

    Chris Wheldon, Portfolio Manager discusses Magellan's High Conviction Strategy, some of the advantages it offers investors and how the portfolio is positioned due to covid-19. (Viewing time: 13 min)

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