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Welcome to the Shareholder Centre for Magellan Financial Group Limited (Company), which is listed on the ASX under the code MFG

Magellan Financial Group Options (MFGO)

Magellan Financial Group Options (MFGO)

On 31 March 2022, Magellan Financial Group announced the launch of a one (1) for eight (8) bonus issue of options to eligible shareholders for nil consideration.


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    Invest in essential services with infrastructure assets

    Ben McVicar, CFA, Portfolio Manager, speaks with Jacinta King, ASX, about the Magellan Infrastructure Fund (ASX:MICH), the impact of higher interest rates on infrastructure assets and how their definition of infrastructure informs their investment decisions. (Listening time: 15 mins) 

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    Investing in Rail

    Railroads provide a basic, but critical role for any developed society – they facilitate the connection between producers and consumers of essential goods and support a large section of the economy. The North American rail industry represents one of the world’s oldest and largest collections of transport infrastructure. 

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    Investing in toll roads

    While we tend to think of toll roads as a recent phenomenon, they have been around for thousands of years. Toll roads today are a popular way for cash-strapped governments to raise money and improve the quality of, and reduce the congestion on road networks. Given the huge capital costs (toll roads often cost billions of dollars to build), for most investors the listed market is the only way to gain access to these assets. 

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