Investor Letters and Fund Updates

Our annual investor letters and fund updates provides commentary on the macro environment and global markets over the previous year with a focus on sustainability/ESG, and discusses the portfolio performance and positioning over the period.

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Stock Story: Reckitt

Reckitt commits to a greener future. 

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Magellan's Monthly Podcast

It’s the American version of Bunnings, but much bigger. Lowe’s isn’t only a good business investment, it’s a good business full stop, thanks to its proud and honourable commitment to sustainability - from its supply chains to its customers.

In this episode, Magellan Investment Analyst Tracey Wahlberg and Magellan’s Head of ESG Amy Krizanovic, are joined by the Lowe’s Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Chris Cassell, to discuss the company’s sustainability strategy and how it aligns with financial drivers. They delve into the firm’s materiality assessment, engagement with employees, progress in climate risk management, and net-zero goals, as well as achievements in emissions reduction and sustainable innovation.