Global listed infrastructure products

Simple, one-click access to the world's best global listed infrastructure stocks, via the ASX, as selected by Magellan's experts

Infrastructure: Supporting you every minute of every day

Investing in infrastructure and utilities is about investing in the companies that provide essential services to society.

They offer:

Reliable long-term returns
Downside protection
Portfolio diversification
Inflation protection


Magellan’s Global Infrastructure strategy offers investors the opportunity to invest in a specialised and focused global listed infrastructure portfolio, the aim of which is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long-term while reducing the risk of permanent capital loss.

Magellan believes that infrastructure assets, with requisite earnings reliability and a linkage of earnings to inflation, offer an attractive, long-term investment proposition.

Our Global Listed Infrastructure strategies are available in listed and unlisted form and where foreign currency exposures are hedged or unhedged. Simple, easy access to the world’s best listed infrastructure companies as selected by Magellan’s experts.



There is no minimum investment for Magellan's listed funds.

A minimum initial investment of $10,000 and minimum subsequent investment of $5,000 applies to each of Magellan’s unlisted funds (except for Magellan High Conviction Class B which is a minimum initial investment of $100,000 and a minimum subsequent investment of $10,000).

Magellan’s listed and quoted funds are found on the ASX and you can buy and sell units in these funds as easily as you trade other listed shares. There is no minimum investment requirement for the listed funds with none of the paperwork generally associated with unlisted managed funds.

Magellan’s currency hedged funds substantially hedge the capital component of the fund’s foreign currency exposure arising from investments in overseas markets back to Australian Dollars.

Infrastructure assets generally produce reliable earnings when providing essential services to the community. Over time, the predictable earnings or cash-flow streams derived from infrastructure assets are expected to deliver income and capital growth for investors. Where our strategy is different is that we apply a stricter definition to what qualifies as infrastructure. We believe that a key reason why investors invest in infrastructure is that they seek the reliable returns that are associated with the asset class. To ensure we achieve this key objective we limit our investment universe to stocks that provide investors with predictable, through-the-cycle, inflation-linked returns. This means that we exclude infrastructure stocks whose earnings are exposed to competition, sovereign risk and changes in commodity prices.

Magellan’s unlisted funds can be accessed through a financial planner – the funds are generally available on all major platforms – or by investing directly with Magellan

Magellan’s listed funds can be accessed through a financial planner, stockbroker or an online trading account (e.g. CommSec, nabtrade, etc.). Units transact and settle in the same way as normal ASX shares and are settled via CHESS.