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The unlisted Magellan Global Fund is designed to be an ‘all weather’ fund that sits as a core holding in an investor’s portfolio. Our High Conviction Fund gives investors access to Magellan's highest conviction ideas.


A minimum initial investment of $10,000 and minimum subsequent investment of $5,000 applies to each of Magellan’s unlisted funds (except for Magellan High Conviction Class B which is a minimum initial investment of $100,000 and a minimum subsequent investment of $10,000).

Magellan’s listed and quoted funds are found on the ASX and you can buy and sell units in these funds as easily as you trade other listed shares. There is no minimum investment requirement for the listed funds with none of the paperwork generally associated with unlisted managed funds.

Magellan’s currency hedged funds substantially hedge the capital component of the fund’s foreign currency exposure arising from investments in overseas markets back to Australian Dollars.

Magellan’s Global Equities funds typically hold 20-40 high quality investments whereas the MSCI World Index comprises more than 1,600 companies. As our portfolio looks nothing like the MSCI World Index and given our focus on risk and capital preservation, it is inevitable that we will periodically underperform this benchmark.  Over the cycle, however, we believe the strategy will produce appropriate risk adjusted performance while maintaining our focus on capital preservation, particularly in adverse market conditions.

Magellan’s unlisted funds can be accessed through a financial planner – the funds are generally available on all major platforms – or by investing directly with Magellan

Magellan’s listed funds can be accessed through a financial planner, stockbroker or an online trading account (e.g. CommSec, nabtrade, etc.). Units transact and settle in the same way as normal ASX shares and are settled via CHESS.