Delivering outstanding results

We aim to generate attractive returns for investors while protecting their capital.

Generating competitive returns

The Magellan Global Fund has met its 9% p.a performance target over nearly all time periods since inception on 1 July 2007.

The Magellan Global Fund is portfolio of about 25 of the world’s companies that is designed to generate a return of 9% a year – we are not pacing ourselves against benchmarks.

As an active investor, we believe that successful investing is about finding, and owning for the long term, companies that can generate excess returns for years to come.

These worthwhile companies will generally possess a sustainable advantage over competitors that enable the business to earn superior returns that are well above the cost of capital.

We seek to own such stocks and let compound returns work their magic over time.

Delivering returns to investors

Period Magellan Global Fund Performance objective 9% p.a.
1 year 19.3%
2 years (% p.a.) 9.2%
3 years (% p.a.) 15.2%
4 years (% p.a.) 13.8%
5 years (% p.a.) 13.9%
6 years (% p.a.) 12.1%
7 years (% p.a.) 12.6%
8 years (% p.a.) 12.8%
9 years (% p.a.) 16.3%
10 years (% p.a.) 16.5%
Since Inception (% p.a.) 12.0%

Source: Magellan Asset Management Limited. Net returns as at 31 December 2021. Data for Magellan Global Fund.

Protecting capital

Safeguarding investor capital is an important goal of the strategy.

We aim to protect the money investors entrust to us.

The most important risk control is that Magellan’s detailed research seeks to find companies that are less likely to suffer a permanent loss of shareholder value.

These stocks are typical high-quality multinational businesses truly global revenue exposures, sustainable competitive advantages and high returns of invested capital.


Over the last 10 years the Global Strategy has captured approx. 100% of the upside and 50% of the downside.

Magellan Global Fund up and down-market capture

Source: Magellan Asset Management Limited, USD net of fees relative to MSCI World Net TR Index as at 31 December 2021 using rolling 3 month returns. Inception date 1 July 2007.

How to invest

  • Magellan offers two market-leading strategies, global equities and global listed infrastructure. Find out how easy it is to invest in the world’s best companies, as chosen by Magellan’s experts.

  • Global Equity Products

    You buy from the world’s best companies, so why not invest in them? Magellan offers a range of highly-rated global equity funds, containing some the world’s best companies that we believe are positioned to benefit from long-term investment tailwinds.

    Invest in global equities
  • Global listed Infrastructure products

    Infrastructure: Supporting you every minute of every day. Our range of top-rated global listed infrastructure funds are positioned to generate inflation-protected, stable yet solid returns.

    Invest in global infrastructure