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Magellan offers investors a range of funds under two market-leading strategies: global equities and global listed infrastructure.

Our highly-rated global equity funds, invest in some of the world’s best business that we believe are positioned to benefit from long-term investment tailwinds.  When investing we ask ourselves "what does the future look like?”.  Find out why investing in a diversified global fund makes sense.

Our range of top-rated global listed infrastructure funds are positioned to generate inflation-protected, predictable yet solid returns. Discover why including listed infrastructure in a diversified portfolio can enhance returns and reduce portfolio risk.

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Investing in the Magellan Sustainable Fund (Ticker:MSUF)

Magellan Sustainable Fund (Ticker:MSUF)

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Investors should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) prior to making any investment decisions.

- PDS update 19 April 2022

Additional information and forms

Magellan Sustainable Fund (Ticker:MSUF)

  1. Click here to APPLY NOW and start your online application process.

You will need the following information handy to support your online application:

  • Identification documents (e.g. drivers license) 
  • Mobile number and email address
  • Your Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Complete the FATCA/CRS self-certification

Note: Magellan accepts initial direct investments from individuals with a minimum of $10,000.  You must be over 18 years of age.

If you require a hard copy of the application from please request a copy here.

Additional information and forms

Log into the online portal via the link below to:

  • Check your balance(s), view transaction confirmations and periodic statements.
  • Update your personal details.
  • Invest additional funds and switch investments.
  • Participate in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP).
  • Provide your FATCA/CRS certification.

Magellan Sustainable Fund (Ticker:MSUF)

Speak with your adviser/broker. To locate an adviser in your area visit one of the following associations:


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