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We recognise that attending one of our Investor Evenings is no small undertaking for you, particularly when hosting your own clients at one of our exclusive evenings.  The aim of this secure Adviser Hub is to provide you with useful resources and information to make your attendance, as well as your selected clients, as seamless as possible.

These events are by invitation only and dedicated to our clients, investors and shareholders. Tickets will not be available to the general public.  We hope you will take this opportunity to host your own clients at one of our events, not only to hear the latest investment perspectives from one of Australia’s leading investors, Hamish Douglass, but also to make an occasion of it at our exclusive cocktail receptions which follow the presentations.

As always, if you have any questions that we have not addressed in this section or the FAQs, please contact your local Magellan representative or email events@magellangroup.com.au for more information.

Event Format

Event Programme


4:00pm: Theatre doors open

4:30pm: Opening remarks

4:35pm:  Hamish Douglass presents 

6:45pm: Cocktail reception commences

8:30pm: Evening concludes

Hamish Douglass, Magellan’s Chairman and CIO, will provide a wide-ranging update on global markets, covering the macro and geopolitical challenges and changes shaping the investment landscape.  The presentation is titled, ‘The Great Repression’.  Hamish’s session will be followed by live Q&A.  Frank Casarotti, Magellan’s General Manager - Distribution, will act as Master of Ceremonies across the evening.

In all cities the formal presentation part of the evening will take place theatre-style in large auditoriums or ballrooms.  You will see the layout and seating plans of each auditorium when you purchase your tickets (if you select the ‘reserved seating’ option).

The presentations will be followed by an exclusive cocktail reception, where you and your clients will have a chance to meet Hamish Douglass, Brett Cairns (CEO) and other key members of Magellan’s investment and distribution teams.


About the Cocktail Reception

Once the formal presentations come to a close, Magellan will be hosting a cocktail reception. Guests will move through from the theatres into dedicated function spaces, complete with champagne bars, cocktail bars, substantial tray-service canapes, a variety of gourmet food stations and beautifully styled seating areas.  You should be able to entertain your clients in style and make an evening of it!  

At each cocktail reception there will be a chance to talk to Hamish Douglass, Brett Cairns (CEO) and senior members of the investment team in our Speaker Lounge.



Please find below several invitation options to use when inviting your clients to join you at one of our events.

  1. Digital version (PDF)
    We have created separate PDF invitations for each event and 'Important Information' documents.  You can either print or download these using the links below:
    Invite & Important Information
    Invite & Important Information
    - Invite & Important Information
    Invite & Important Information
    Invite & Important Information
    - Invite & Important Information
    Sydney (Thur) 
    - Invite & Important Information
    Sydney (Fri)
    Invite & Important Information

  2. Hard copy version
    We have created a simple hard copy invitation that covers all events in the Investor Evening Series 2020. 

    If you would prefer to receive a batch of hard copy invitations, to post on to your clients (with your own covering letter for example) inviting them to join you at our event, then please contact events@magellangroup.com.au and let us know which version you require, how many and you address.

    Aus Preview

    NZ Preview  

Purchasing Tickets
- A checklist

If you are yet to purchase your tickets, we have provided a few tips below before starting:

  • Know the total number of tickets you wish to purchase
  • Contact Magellan if any of your guests require accessible seating as we may need to help you manually with this
  • Decide what type of ticket you will be purchasing
    • If ‘reserved seating’ you will need to select your seats in the live portal from the seating charts
    • If ‘general admission’ you will not see any seating charts. The GA zones will be confirmed closer to the event.  
  • Click on the appropriate 'Buy Now' button for your location to access the correct ticketing portal
  • Select a section from the current release availability (marked with a red dot) and click on the seats you want
  • Sign-up to Eventopia (this is highly recommended for group bookings so that you can easy access you ticket easily between now and the event)
  • Purchase your tickets!
  • You will receive a confirmation email form Eventopia. (Please check your junk mail)

Inviting clients
- A checklist

Once you have your tickets and a list of clients to invite, here are a few handy hints to remember:

  • Send clients an invitation to your local Magellan Investor Evening Series event
    • See the invitations section for details on the different options
  • Share the event website with your clients
    • Remind clients that tickets are complimentary (as you have purchased them and will be hosting them) and there is no need for them to purchase their own tickets (unless you want them to and will not be attending with them!)
  • Send individual tickets (from Eventopia) to your confirmed clients; they will need to bring them on the night to gain access.
    • This can be done via email, or if you could print them out and post along with the invitation (see options)
  • Arrange to meet your clients at the venue beforehand; it may help to arrive and be scanned together as a group.

Event teaser

In late 2018, Magellan ran two pilot events to trial the Investor Evening format, in Melbourne and Sydney.  Feedback was very supportive and demand high.  They took place within the national adviser roadshow.  Please find below a link to a ‘best of’ video from those events.  It provides some colour on what your clients can expect in 2020.

Magellan 2018 - 'Best of' Adviser and Investor Roadshow >

CPD Accredited

Magellan plans to have the Great Repression presentation CPD accredited and CPD hours will be available to advisers attending the event (regardless of whether you are hosting clients).  Please check this section again in early to mid February 2020 for information on the CPD hours available as well as how to obtain them.


  1. Click on the 'Buy Now' button - this is located on the home page and the individual event pages. (You will be redirected to the ticketing platform which is powered by Eventopia).  
  2. Please download the below manual to assist you in purchasing tickets.

    Download 'How to purchase tickets' manual
  3. Please contact events@magellangroup.com.au if you need any further information or assistance. 

For all technical issues with the ticketing portal please contact Eventopia - help@eventopia.co.  

Please download the full general event FAQs using the link below.

Download general Event FAQs

Please note that these may be updated as we get closer to the event.

Please download the the adviser only FAQs using the link below.

Download adviser only FAQs

Please note that these may be updated as we get closer to the event.